Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 17:29:33 MDT
From: Nelson Minar 
To: tomj @ wps . com
Subject: your web pages

Ely, Nevada made a big impression on me, especially since I'd already
been driving around the Great Basin for a day and a half (boring! But
writing postcards at 120 miles per is sort of fun). The things I liked
most about Ely were:

The $.40 fountain drinks.

The guy who owned the Radio Shack. He had Go:the quotes up in his
window, so I went in and chatted with him for awhile about local
politics. They want to plant trees on the main street and make Ely a
tourist attraction. Um, yeah. They aren't far from Great Basin
National Park, but the only thing there are Lehman caves, and if
you've been to Carlsbad then Lehman is not much.

I also looked around on most of my trip for scenes of queer life,
anything - rest stops, cruising, whatever. I found almost nothing
except in the public restroom in the middle of Ely, some salesman had
written "I'm in this room of this hotel on this day. If you want your
dick sucked, come by." Twice - both graffiti were at least a year old,
and no one had cleaned it up.