17 oct 2022

28 apr 2021

Humans have added unthinkably vast acres of macroscopic, human-sized surface and texture to the world. Intricate, touchable, psychedelically fractal minute to huge, surface area to the earth. It might be our main accomplishment.

Radiating outward from the roundabout of San Fernando, Riverside, Figueroa streets, Ave 19. Arroyo Seco Parkway, Golden State Freeway/Interstate 5, and it's feeders and ramps. Built upon a palimpsest of dead roads beneath los tand forgotten. Daunting enough in an aerial photograph, in a lifetime you could not walk and touch the surfaces encompassed, the space created and enclosed, on, around, under, in. Plants and parking lots and cars and animals and sleeping and dying humans. An ocean of sound. Textural density rivaling nature, the sound of trucks from under an overpass.

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