road trip to santa fe, september 2002

didn't record the route, but i stopped at the Little Ale'Inn, Rachel NV, then somehow the Four Corners area, and down NM 666 (it's now 491) where a rainstorm flooded the highway (i had to wait for it to subside even though the Rambler wagon has 8" of ground clearance).

the Rambler ran on propane at this time (as it did for most of 20 years). that restricted me to driving 9 to 5, monday to Friday/sometimes Saturday.

i spent many hours "recently" with maps trying to figure out exactly where that photo of the wagon parked at the "Kayenta, 160" sign was, and the tiny rutted-dirt road through that tiny town. scot figured out later that it had since been paved. it's Indian Service Route 59, from Many Farms to 160 near Kayenta. in that tiny town, which could have been Many Farms, i bought a nicely greasy fry bread and chili sandwich. i had taken some LSD that morning and the whole experience was quite wondrous. at that time, the entire route from Many Farms at highway 191, all the way through to 160, was "improved" dirt, not paved. there's a housing community near Chilchinbito visible in Google maps tha definitely wasn't there. in the days of paper maps it was quit an adventure.

in Santa Fe i stayed at Carlos' little wattle and daub guest house.

the water is Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, along NV 93, south of Alamo.

there's one photo of the wagon interior, camping, sleeping, food junk and looks like some stuff in the back that i got from Ed Grothus' Black Hole in Los Alamos.

i think these are chemical prints that i had processed at a place that returned prints, negatives, and a CDROM of scanned images. no idea if there's EXIF data in these images.

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