Model 31 Vocalizer

completed July 1999

The Model 31 Vocalizer is a component of the Story Teller federation; it utters speech when provided with a stream of encoded phonemes, usually, but not necessarily, from a long reel of perforated paper tape.

The Model 31 Vocalizer speaks English phonemes, words, sentences, and programmatic gibberish. In oak, Micarta and brass, it utters speech and sounds in a clear but often unintelligible voice. The sole controls are for volume and speed, the latter controlling how slowly each phoneme is spoken. Glass-jeweled lamps decode each phoneme ("HEH-ELL-OW"); and with the speed control, allow for disturbing deconstruction and destruction of communication.

Mixed media (wood, brass, phenolic, electronic components), 14"w x 7"h x 8"d, approx. 12 lb.

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