Model 3 Tape reader

Completed September 1999

The Model 3 Tape Reader reads perforated tape and sends the information on to other devices that speak and print. A tape is mounted on one side, and spools to the other as it is read. It is a pleasure to use; small, dense, dark oiled oak and Micarta, soft clucking as it reads a tape; you can literally feel the data on your finger tips, as the tape pulls through your fingers.

The Model 3 Tape Reader is part of the Story Teller system, where it can be seen in an installation/performance. Technical information is also available. It can sit on a desk, or when mounted on its floor stand, is well-matched to the companion tape reel and tape spooler, for playing long tapes.

Mixed media (wood, brass, phenolic, electronic components), 8"w x 5"h x 8"d, approx. 10 lb.

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