Discorporate spell box

completed September 2006

This is a mildly threatening device for focusing energy on our corporate enemies. Assembled from the detritus of a century of terrible industries with inhuman side effects, it contains a spare and brutal beauty; the right side emits energetic particles at a noticable rate, the left side emits one to seven heavy neutral particles per day (estimated). In the center a distilled chromium electrode stimulates internal circuitry, resulting in aural output; in the top half two illuminated glass microphotographs project their foreboding images outward.

Mixed media (Wood, micarta, glass, stainless steel, brass, gold, copper, elemental chromium, cadmium, mercury, man-made elements, electronic components, lithium battery) , 14"w x 4"d x 2"h, approx. 4 lb.

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