Hit'n'Run shows

Shred of Dignity put on a lot of free shows. We did about four "Hit and Run" shows, where we'd pick some safe-looking place, rent a generator and Hernan's sound system, arrange for one or possibly two bands (more was dangerous), and flyer for a free show. This is one of our favorite locations: Beale and Brannan at the base of the Bay Bridge. Across from the Postal Storage warehouse thingie. This was a rather successful one, in spite of our usually unintentional scheduling them for Daylight-Savings Sunday mornings. (The first two times were accidental; the third was not.) No one was sure which 2:00pm to show up at. Neither were we. Towards the end, the cops showed up faster, and finally caught on, and said simply, next time this happens, you get arrested. Oh well. I always wondered if Pat Cadigan heard of our shows, or made it up on her own, when she wrote about "HIT AND RUN" shows exactly like ours in her novel SYNNERS. (June 95 note: A friend of Pat's says, in fact, she did make it up. Same stimulus, same response.)

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