Bloody punk Napa

Sometimes you make basic judgment errors, you know? Well. In 1990 in the local fascist skinheads held a "picnic" in Napa county. There had been an elevated amount of skinhead activity in SF over the previous year, mostly stuff like harrassment of the local anarchist bookstore (which the cops hated also).

So. Tom Metzger (remember him?) organized this really lame "skinhead rally", complete with door prizes etc. The local leftoids organized these protests... we should have known better... one of which was the John Brown Anti-Klan something or other. What a bunch of self-serving jerks. But it's all our own fault. The tried to define skinheads by fasion alone, and us poor punks fell within their inane descriptive guidelines (I mean, saying "people with bald heads are fascist" is even stupider than "people with black skin are [stupid, lazy, whatever]". We tried to point this out to them, but no...

Billy the Punk and I went up in my car. About 6am we stop at a gas station for directions and to takea piss. Billy comes back from the shitter, and told a dire tale of being harassed by these redneck goons because he had really short hair. So we moan, etc and head on to the meeting place.

So we're assembling and making plans etc for our little rally. Then the boneheads who harassed Billy show up! Turns out, they're Guardian Angels, these dipshit macho vigilantes! So it turns into a Big Deal rightr on the spot. What a bunch of jerks. They make a bunch of lame excuses for their behavior.

Well the event itself is a *disaster*. All these lefties running around with bullhorns chanting marches. They have totally taken over the even, with plants in the crowd etc to make it go their way. It's cold, rainy, and we're on the end of a long deserted road. We pass a couple of clots of feeble Klan types. When we reach this ad hoc gathering spot, in the middle of the road, there's (1) skinheads up on the hill with shotguns, etc, (2) Brand X cops blocking our forward path, (3) Brand Y cops blocking our retreat and (3) barbed wire fences to our left. A caophony of idiotic leftist workerist manipulator types with tinny Radio Shack bullhorns. I gather my walkie-talkies, grab Billy and some other, and split for home!

This poor person was beaten by some "well meaning" (sic) protesters who took the bald == fascist formula literally. He was an anti-fascist punk (how many people realize, nearly all American punks are anti-fascist!) who they beat bloody cuz he "looked like a skinhead" (which he didn't, anyways).

I have more pictures, but forget it. There was one nice suburban mother and daughter team with a sign that read, "no free speech for Nazis". Really! Such a fool was I! No I haven't given up, I just stay clear of "leftists".

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