Photos from the Ivall book.

ACE digital computer at the NPL.
Barium titanate ferroelectric store.
Dekatron (l), beam deflection tube.
Compagnie des Machines Bull.
Function decoder tree.
Modular tube electronics.
DEUCE, based on Pilot ACE.
Large multi-platter disk memory.
Drum memory stacked head construction.
Large vertical drum memory.
Small horizontal drum memory.
Analog computer by EMI.
Ferrantis Mercury computer.
Ferranti desk-size transistor computer.
Simon-Carves Atomic Energy Group nuclear power plant simulator analog computer.
International Computers and Tabulators machine for British Railways.
Old line printer.
Nice schematic drawing of core memory.
Old mechanical tortoise.
Metrovick 95
Pilot ACE IO equipment.
Rank Precision Industries xerographic printer.
Aircraft simulator.
Solartron ERA character recognizer.
TRIDAC aircraft simulator (huge analog monster).
Old UNIVAC machine.
Unknown computer factory.
Unknown flight simulator.
Williams memory diagram and waveforms.
Woman at card punch.
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