A long time ago in a shed far far away, my brother Scott and I were given
an old Friden Flexowriter by our father. We proceeded to connect it
to our homebrew 6800 computer system as a printer. It worked.

Below are scans of the original 1978 documentation we created
while figuring out how to make it work. I also typed the software into
a text file and added comments so that you can see how it worked.

Annotated flexowriter 6800 driver program

Driver program listing (printed by Flexowriter) page 1

Driver program listing (printed by Flexowriter) page 2

Driver program handwritten page 1

Driver program handwritten page 2

ASCII to Flexowriter character lookup table

Cable pinout drawing

Character code page 1

Character code page 2

Interface plan

Interface schematic

Flexowriter schematic

Timing diagram

Driver board layout (not used?)

Last updated July 3, 2003 by David Forbes


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