Burroughs Corp. Nixie and Panaplex application notes

While there's sufficient information in the net and elsewhere to light up Nixies and make them work (see my Nixie datasheets) but as far as subtleties go (off-cathode leakage, ionization time vs. multiplexing, the reason for the funny digit stacking order) there's little out there.

But here are a few useful Burroughs Application Notes. If you are trying to work with Nixies read N101 and N102, as even the multiplexing Note contains useful data for non-multiplexed apps.

These were all authored by A. Somlyody, Manager, Applications Engineering, Burroughs Corp, in the late 1960's.

N101, Multiplexed Operation of Nixie Tubes

N102, Nixie Indicator Tube Characteristics

P101, Panaplex Numeric Panel Display Theory of Operation

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